Half Operator



Half Operators (hop) are the police force of the server.  Hop are an expert moderator, and must know when and how to use muting, kicking, and banning commands. In addition to  knowing our community inside and out, they know the rules without second guessing.

Requested Availability:

On average, a hop should devote 14 hours or more (2 hours daily) broken up as need be. this is a term based position. which is 2 months.

Required Qualifications:

  1. serve as a community moderator. note: one doesn't necessarily need to finish a complete term as a community moderator.
  2. english speaking, and can spell and form words at a high school level.
  3. Gold Level

Requested Qualifications:

  1. Availability to work days, evening, nights, as well as weekends as and when required.
  2. be 16 years of age.


  1. 40 site credits every 1 term.
  2. a half operator in game and forum badge.

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