When playing Minecraft you might want to play different versions. Thanks to the new Minecraft launcher switching from one version to another is simple and easy. There are two ways you can change game version in the new launcher. You can either create a new profile for the game version you want to play or you can edit a single profile and continue to change game versions.

Editing a single profile

After opening Minecraft you will come to the Minecraft launcher. In the bottom left hand corner you will see EDIT PROFILE.


Clicking this button will make a box appear where this profile can be edited. After choosing the version you want to play click SAVE PROFILE and click PLAY.

Creating additional and new profiles

After you have opened your Minecraft launcher you will want to click NEW PROFILE.


After naming your new profile choose the version you want this profile to play and click SAVE PROFILE.


To switch between profiles click the drop down menu and choose the profile you wish to play on and press PLAY.
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