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Early June, with the release of MC1.12, the permissions handler we were formerly using was deprecated, ending support and ending its ability for us to use it. It was a lot of scrambling to off-board groups/users/permissions so we could make a conversion to a new handler. unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, and their was many setbacks and delays that needing addressing. I created this post to explain why it has taken so long, and what the next steps of action are.


What Happened?

Once the new permissions handler had all groups and permissions configured, I was not able to add players groups/permissions if they had not logged in since the date of the permissions handler installation. This wasn't entirely transparent to me at first since i really had no idea if it was another problem all together or if I was doing something wrong. I decided to open a support ticket with lucko, the Project Developer:

This is when I knew things were really going downhill, I knew that for many of my members, a good 3/4 had not logged in for several months which would make adding everyones groups very complicated and messy, tracking who and which group and when users last logged in. This is where i opened another support issue, indicating what a critical flaw this created for us:

I had a glimmer of hope when i saw this, whether i wanted to address the lack of responsibility of lucko not thinking it was a "critical flaw"... wasn't really necessary now that I had a solution. I went to work cleaning up groups and users and started to add players groups when i noticed that it would not let me switch the primary group of a player from coalminer to the appropriate rank, unless the user had logged in since 7/2/17. This is where support thread was opened:

I was again stuck. the open the developer gave me was that i could weight the groups to allow the primary group to change based on the weight of the group. this would mean that the user would need to be assigned to multiple groups of the same track, which would not enable the stored rank to be persistent using the website to handle ranking applications. This clearly was not the option. 

After discussing this with a few of you, it was clear that this was the opportunity to clean house on the ranks.


Whats Changing?

Ranks have reset, however most of you have already completed the requirements for ranking to certain levels. Provided you have completed the requirements, you will not need to re-complete the requirements to re-apply for the rank. If a rank requires books or items that you have already provided before, please indicate this in the additional fields on the application, we will have a record of the former players with the correct group they were associated to. Please understand that new items & requirements might need to be provided, and you will need to complete these.

We are also opening two additional ranks (lapis and emerald level) and distributing additional perks and the permissions. You do not need to apply to the first level and sequentially apply to the ones after since the requirements have been set in a way to only allow the player to achieve the prior rank before submitting the next. This means that you will be able to have more visibility to applications for each rank.

Each rank will now have an in game cash cost for ranking. if you have already


The ranks will go as followed:
coalminer (starting)
emeraldlevel (in progress)

My sincerest appologies for how this all went down, and for how long this has taken me to make this announcment. Many thoughts and decisions had to happen behind scenes before anything could work. Even now, i dont have the appropriate amount of details about what each rank can and cant do, and how to go about ranking in detail. Until I can sort things out, you can direct questions directly to me, or take a shot at ranking yourself. Exception option on the applications is if you already have had the rank prior, or if you meet the other requirements (ill explain that in detail later). Indicate Yes or No on each line on the applications to specify if you have completed the requirement.

Get Busy! you have applications to fill out (see top navigation under ranking).

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