Creeper Country Resurgence

When Minecraft began, it was a one platform game with rapid player growth. Over the years, the general trend of minecraft appeared to shrink in player base/interest when in fact the amount of accounts sold were rising. As Minecraft expanded to multisystem the amount of players that didnt game on the PC were able to play minecraft conviently on the system they are use to. This allowed the player base to continue to grow, but it stretched the player base out accross the platforms in result. I have been closing following this trend and wanted to set Creeper Country up in a way that will allow expansion for the unknown future. This new logo and theme mark a very important time for this community. Lets make Creeper Country great again!

Gear Up!

For years I have been asked to create a t-shirt store but i just couldnt bring myself to understand why people would want such a thing. Perhaps you need a mental evaluation or a girlfriend to explain why you shouldnt buy these. I could go on and on with reasons not to buy it, but heck... this is 2017! Go nuts Creeper Country, Ill probably buy one soon, it will look good next to my High School Marching Band Competion T-Shirt. Buy one shirt this month and I will throw in the Creeper Bundle (Value $44.99)

Ranks & Permissions

Ranks are changing permissions, but you will still be the same rank. Currently our system is undergoing issues and there has been a temporary loss of ranks, I will soon have a resolution for this. Its a slow process as this is a very complicated mess of data to compile. Im not exactly sure how things will work yet, and at first you might lose access to commands you once had (as well as grow new access to commands). These commands arent going away, they are just changing to be done differently soon. Stay tuned for more to come regarding this announcment.

Voice Server

We left Teamspeak and started to use Discord. Connect using and download the Free desktop app at It is not a problem if you do not have a mic, Discord gives the options to have a text channel, which can upload memes and have a good time without using any mic. Discord also offers a free mobile app if you want to chat on the go.

Bank Transfer

Abandon Legacy Bank if you havent already, we now use the new Contemporary Bank. You will need to claim a vault (which is now your own exclusive space) Claim an available vault by right clicking the sign that has Available on the name, if successful your name will appear on the sign.

Dignitary Section

With the rebranding and design of the website, i used the opertunity to rename a few sections for clarity. The new Dignitary section was formerly known as the "Donation" section. This includes the gear shop, the in game shop, and the geospatial maps. This will allow for further expansion in the future. VIP ranks will be soon implemented, which are secondary to primary ranks (I promise this will make more sense later). The in game donation shop now processes payments through Stripe, and discontinued buisness with PayPal and Bitcoins. This allows for more payment options and better consumer protection. To celebrate the new shop changes, here is a 15% off coupon code to apply: 4JULY17

May Contest

Congradulations Krugs2007, you one first place with finding 9 Skulls of 23 (39%), followed by deathbysteak with 7 skulls of 23 (30%). Every skull earned you 5 shop points, and first place will pick a mystery door.

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