Plugin Developer


The developer will be responsible for creation, maintenance and support of Eclipse plugins that our server uses. Many plugins require constant work to keep current with releases of minecraft. The aim of our server is to be self reliant, which means the creation of plugins inhouse. Plugin developers are creative & clean java coders.

Requested Availability:

This position is a constant workload, but can only be measured in job outputs. We ask that you put forth a effort to finish jobs through regardless of how long it takes.

Required Qualifications:

    1. the Eclipse program downloaded
    2. a strong knowledge of java
    3. be able to record what you do to make sense to everyone. (java comments)

    Requested Qualifications:

    1. a plugin sample.
    2. the knowledge of spigot and the framework therein.


    1. we will take care of you. you want it, we will fight to get you it.

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