->These are the new rules, effective 1/1/2013.
->Rules will only be enforced when conflict arises.
->Be wary of who you share your information with (personal life, online, etc.) we are not liable for consequences resulting from this.



    1. No griefing. If it isn't yours, don't break it. Enough said.#
    2. Any loopholes in the game rules or infrastructure are to be dealt with altruistically; exploiting plugin glitches etc. may result in a ban at admin discretion.#
    3. No trapping mobs or mob spawners, no automatic mob killing rigs ect. Mob spawner blocks from dungeons or mineshafts may be broke to receive money. It is not okay to break or trap blaze spawners. This does not apply to farm animals or passive mobs.#
    4. No client side hacks including but not limited to fly, speed, or pvp mods, xray texture packs etc.#
    5. Issues dealing with multiple accounts or multiple users per account will be dealt with favorably to the welfare of the server.#
    6. Staff are here to keep the game fun and civil. Please comply with their requests as they enforce the rules.#

    1. If a creation is griefed and the region is NOT protected with pstones, the griefer will be banned, but the damage will not be fixed. Pstones is easy to use, utilize it.#
    2. Do not build too near another person's creation without their consent, this is to allow for building expansion.#
    3. Do not deface the surface of the world; 1x1 towers, floating trees and surface griefing are a few examples.#
    4. If you build cooperatively any disputes caused between players is to be resolved between players. Choose partners well.#
    5. The end is for fighting the enderdragon ONLY.#
    6. Thank you for reading the rules, heres the secret: People WILL try to trick you with both /op and /soz claiming it will do various things to help you... all this does is kill you.#
  3. SOCIAL:

    1. No spam, this includes overly repeated statements/questions.#
    2. No advertising for things outside the server.#
    3. Joke, troll, mess around, but don't harass or flame other users (especially in regards to religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.)#
    4. A PvP agreement between both players must be reached before you are allowed to engage in PvP.#
    5. Whining gets you nowhere.#
    6. Perks are gained through rank advancement and are to be used to benefit only the player that has attained such rank, do not share your perks.#
  4. TOWNS:

    1. Town rules cannot override server rules. You're rules only apply to things that take place in your town (chat is not in your town).#
    2. Town's MUST keep things protected, this doesnt mean partial land protection, the ENTIRE town must be protected.#
    3. No posting "rules" on signs, official towns can create rules using the official towns plugin.#
    4. If the town president decides to remove a member from the town, they must pay $1000 for an operator(meaning fullop or admin) to move the players home elsewhere. The user's property must be guaranteed safe and protected, and they have up to 3 days to claim any missing property. It is up to the town owner to pay for any expenses if damages occur while the move takes place. Town owners must also clearly post the removal from town inside the appropriate forum.#
    5. 30 days of inactivity must lapse before a user's buildings can be considered abandoned. Always ask administration to take down a house, fees will not apply when homes are abandoned from inactivity.#
    6. A town MUST have an owner, and the owner must have an active successor listed. In the event both successor and owner leave the server (45 days) the town will be granted to the most active member (operators discretion). If the town has 0 members, town will be removed or auctioned.#
    7. If a user decides to leave a town on their own freewill, they must completely remove their home and valuables and revert any damages made to terrain, proper notification must be made prior, via form of private message or /mail to the listed town president/vice. Please see a member of the staff to organize a move at no effort to you, for a reasonable price.#


    1. For the most part, forum rules and in game rules are the same.#
    2. Please post in the correct forum, new ideas should be in a new thread, do not go offtopic.#
    3. Unless you have evidence, information, or your name is listed inside of a thread, do not respond to a ban appeal.#
    4. Posts are to be made in the relevant forum. Users should read the forum descriptions before posting.#
    5. Staff are not to be pm'd for matters that can be addressed on the forums#
    6. Members are asked to not act as "backseat" moderators. Please bring problems to the attention of a member of the staff. Do not respond to such topics yourself.#
    7. Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc. Users linking to or asking for information on warez, crackz, etc. or re-printing material without permission will receive a warning and their post will be removed.#
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